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Wealth Management

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  • Individual Approach
  • Long-Term Mindset
  • Broad Flexibility
  • Goal-Driven Methodology
  • Real Life Experience
  • Don’t have a long-term financial plan
  • Have trouble maintaining your personal cash flow
  • Don’t have time to manage your day-to-day financial matters
  • Aren’t sure about how to manage an inheritance
  • Would like to talk over your financial goals with a wealth adviser
  • Need help with navigating the financial aspects of marriage or divorce
  • Want to establish firm financial footing following relocation

Personal, passionate, brilliantly simplified financial planning.

Your Financial World
At Altus, the focus is on emotions, as well as the numbers. By weighing the financial and emotional consequences of every decision, we help you build a financial foundation that supports your goals and most importantly, your happiness.

We're in This Together
Feeling knowledgeable and empowered about your money and investments is a huge part of relieving financial stress and building trust. We want you to be confident that your adviser “gets you”. We believe in complete transparency and empowering our clients.

A Way Forward Reimagined
Your full financial world is stored in our advisers’ brains, not just in a computer file they glance at every few months. We're always on the lookout for new opportunities or threats, and you enjoy highly-personalised and responsive service from an adviser who is focused on your unique goals.

Innovative Thinking
Resting on our laurels isn’t in our DNA because we believe great work doesn’t happen by accident. We never follow in the footsteps of other firms. Partner with us and experience our award-winning innovative advice.

You have a vision; we have a way to get you there
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Wealth Management Services
Financial Planning

Financial Planning

With your goals always in mind, financial planning allows you to consistently build your wealth and attain financial freedom. Starting from where you are now, our financial advisers assist you in creating a personalised plan that acknowledges your attitude toward risk, time horizon, investment preferences, cash flow and borrowing capacity. Ultimately, financial planning is about achieving the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


Personal Cash Flow Management

Your march toward financial freedom will be smoother with a personalised cash flow management plan. With your liquid resources constantly in flux, a harmonised plan will ensure sufficient funds for your ongoing requirements while your wealth continues to grow. We can balance out your cash flow so all needs are met.



Investments are the engine of your wealth machine, so they must be carefully chosen and pursued. Our specialists can create a custom solution to deliver the financial outcomes you’re seeking, always aligning your investments with your liquidity requirements, personal time horizon and financial goals.

Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio

If you’re ready for a structured, disciplined investment strategy, Model Portfolio may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Leave ad hoc investing behind, and take advantage of the many benefits of Model Portfolio, such as our quarterly rebalancing process and automatic asset allocations that match your planned risk tolerance level.

Family Office

Family Office

Too busy for daily personal financial details? We provide an end-to-end service to take care of your whole financial world. Use your time to focus on what you do best while we manage everything from high-end strategy implementation and accounting right down to paying bills and acting as your private mailbox.



An inheritance almost always comes with a loss, and because of this, it can be difficult to manage the funds without emotion. Let us guide you as you make decisions about your windfall so you can avoid unnecessary taxes, incorporate your inheritance into your overall financial goals and review your insurance and estate planning needs.



Divorce affects more than just your personal life; it also creates significant changes in your financial life. If you’re involved in or anticipating a divorce, meet with one of our advisors to dispel fear and provide clarity. We can help you with managing your assets and creating a financial plan that will help you to move forward with confidence.



The sooner you address the issues facing your redundancy, the sooner you’ll be back on track with your financial goals. With a knowledgeable advisor at your side, you can make decisions that will consider tax implications, liquidity concerns, pension entitlements and your long-term financial goals. Don’t let the uncertainty of your situation derail your finances. Meet with an advisor to develop the best course of action.



With so many details to plan for your relocation, you may need a helping hand with your finances. We can help you by starting with a review of your assets and how they will be best protected and organised for the move. Whether you’re leaving Australia or arriving from overseas, you’ll need to consider the implications for your superannuation, taxes, insurance, loans and investments. We can help.

Education Funding

Education Funding

You want to give your child every opportunity, including education options in the future. By using strategies such as managed investments, prepaid education, insurance bonds, grandparent contributions and education bonds, our advisors can help you to craft an education funding strategy that will adequately meet your family’s needs. The sooner you begin this process, the more options you’ll have.


Meet the Wealth Management team

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Matt Smith


Matt is a tireless, results driven adviser with a passion for collaborating with clients to help them make optimal financial decisions. Focussed on a seamless alignment between aspirations and strategy, Matt’s purpose for being professionally is to deliver peace of mind that financial decisions made now are supportive of a successful financial future for his clients.

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Rod Dickinson


Making complex situations simple and understandable, and seeing clients meet long term goals is where Rod gets the most professional satisfaction.

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Adam Montana

Principal Client Adviser

Adam believes the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Adam helps clients realise where they are now, where it's possible to go, and works through the reality of this to achieve a positive financial outcome. Seeing the results of his advice gives him a real sense of satisfaction.

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Chris Villegas

Associate Adviser

Chris is a multiskilled Associate Adviser! This means he is able to provide expertise across many areas ranging from investments, superannuation, insurance, strategic advice, compliance guidance and protection to advisers and staff internally as well as to clients.

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Karen Doutty

Associate Adviser

Karen is an Associate Adviser who is passionate about working with clients to ensure their goals are identified and a plan is put in place to meet them. Karen loves working through different strategies to ensure the client gets the best outcome for their future.

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