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Successful investing has very little to do with luck and a great deal to do with strategy, knowledge, goal-setting and steady progress. Over time, your investments can grow and create wealth, giving you access to new opportunities and the lifestyle you seek.

Working with an experienced adviser, you can determine the level of risk you’re comfortable with and the types of investments that appeal to you. By creating a diversified investment portfolio, you can reduce your risk and take advantage of opportunities in many different sectors. We love to put our knowledge and experience to work for individuals focused on creating better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

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The Altus Investment Philosophy

Risk and Reward

When it comes to investing, risk and reward are inherently linked. All investments involve a degree of risk and as an investor, we'll help you to establish what level of risk you're comfortable with.

Long Term Investment Approach

Investing requires making informed decisions based on things that have yet to happen. We believe Investors should ignore short-term noise and play the long game. The majority of our portfolios are designed for a minimum of 5 to 7 years, however, you should be prepared to invest for longer terms to yield higher returns.


Diversification is more complicated than spreading your exposure across different investment types. It's a tool to assist in stabilising your portfolio returns. Diversification is a key strategy we encourage to help you achieve your desired long-term investment goals.

Asset Allocation is Key

In its simplest terms, asset allocation is the practice of dividing resources among different categories such as Debt (Cash, Bonds, Credit, High Yield), Real Assets (Property, Commodities, Infrastructure) and Equities (Listed, Private Equity). The theory is that the investor can lessen risk because each asset class has a different correlation to the others.

Quarterly Rebalancing

As the market changes, risk can be minimised by regularly rebalancing the assets within your portfolio. Rebalancing is restoring your portfolio to its target asset allocation.


We use a “fee for service” fee structure which is agreed with you in advance. Always transparent, no surprises here.

Avoiding Emotional Investing

As an investor it's easy to get caught up in the media hype and buy/sell at the peak/valley, which we call emotional investing. Your Altus Adviser works as a buffer between you and the noise and keeps a rational and realistic approach to your investments.

Investment Committee

Our dedicated committee approach to investing expands the number and types of specialists that are working through opportunities and the real risks involved for you. This panel of advisers critically assess the investment decisions impacting you at every stage of your investment journey.

We Partner With The Best

We partner with proven investment specialists to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns so that we can make well-informed decisions to best position you to achieve your financial goals.

Model Portfolio Series

Investing with Altus Financial

Download a copy of how our model portfolio works and take a step closer to the financial future you’ve always pictured

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Meet the Investments team

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Matt Smith


Matt is a tireless, results driven adviser with a passion for collaborating with clients to help them make optimal financial decisions. Focussed on a seamless alignment between aspirations and strategy, Matt’s purpose for being professionally is to deliver peace of mind that financial decisions made now are supportive of a successful financial future for his clients.

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Rod Dickinson


Making complex situations simple and understandable, and seeing clients meet long term goals is where Rod gets the most professional satisfaction.

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Adam Montana

Principal Client Adviser

Adam believes the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Adam helps clients realise where they are now, where it's possible to go, and works through the reality of this to achieve a positive financial outcome. Seeing the results of his advice gives him a real sense of satisfaction.

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