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International Business Services

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  • Are planning on starting a business in Australia
  • Need a registered office for your business
  • Want to start a business in China
  • Want to expand into other countries
  • Wonder how your existing structure will fare when you expand internationally
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Expanding your business internationally can allow you to tap into new markets, work with well-connected collaborators and increase your network. What keeps most people from expanding internationally is a lack of knowledge about how to proceed. We can guide you through the process and help you to set the stage for success in your new territory.

Whatever the size or history of your business, it’s increasingly important to understand the international business ecosystem. Many organisations are hesitant to explore these options because they may seem risky. We at Altus, on the other hand, know that with careful planning and competent support, many businesses can actually be strengthened through expansion.

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Set Up Business in Australia

Set Up Business in Australia

You don’t have time to mess around. Get your business set up correctly right from the start with our international business services. Whether you’re buying an existing business, or setting up a branch our specialists understand all key aspects of the Australian regulatory and commercial environment.

Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

If your business is considering expanding in China, advisory partners in your target locations are absolutely essential. Altus Financial has you covered by linking you to global expertise regarding international taxation, accounting, corporate and business advice. Expanding internationally in China just got easier.

International Tax Structuring and Advice

International Tax Structuring and Advice

International tax is complex because you have to be compliant in several different taxation systems simultaneously. As an Australian Business, we can work with you to link you to the global expertise needed to expand overseas and remain compliant according to local regulations.

Accounting and Compliance

Accounting and Compliance

In our experience, successful businesses have one thing in common: they’re built on a foundation of disciplined financial management and compliance with the law. Not all countries have the same set of accounting standards, so it’s extremely helpful to have a guide to keep an eye on ever-changing regulations and help you to stay compliant. We’d love to be your guide.

Internation Expansion

International Expansion

By carefully analysing the global context for your business, you may find that some international markets are especially attractive, either because a market is eager for your products or because you would face little competition. From the original market analysis to maintaining your established international operations, we can guide you through your expansion.


Meet the International Business Services team

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Marc Walsh

Principal Client Adviser

Focusing on practical and commercial outcomes to help business owners build and protect their wealth. When working on solutions, Marc keeps an eye to the future growth and opportunities for businesses, particularly to facilitate international growth.

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Roy Ditmarsch

Managing Director

Our fearless leader - dedicated to delivering the way financial advisory services are delivered to private clients. Roy has been running Altus Financial since inception, which is about 28 years.

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Paul Conaghan


Paul is driven by providing practical business and taxation advice to SMEs. Paul is one of the Founders of Altus.

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