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Because we’re focused on our clients’ overall financial interests, we see borrowing as just one facet of your whole financial life. Our wide-angle view leads to strategic, effective lending options, personalised for you and compatible with your long-term goals. Such a holistic focus avoids an unfortunate problem often seen today: lasting problems associated with ill-fitting loans.

Home and investment loans can be powerful tools for growing wealth and working toward financial independence. Whether you’re looking for a new home loan, a mortgage refinance, debt consolidation or a loan to build a property, we can help you make those dreams a reality.

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New Home Loan

New Home Loan

The right home loan allows you to acquire the home you want while achieving your long-term financial goals. Looking at your current situation as well as your plans for the future, our loan specialists can secure a water-tight, cost-effective home loan. Our advisers’ depth of experience and up-to-date research ensure that you’ll have great options from which to choose.

Investment Loan

Investment Loan

Investing in real estate can be a smart way to diversify your portfolio and create an attractive hedge against inflation, and finding the right loan for your investments is key. Depending on your plans for the property, you might choose a variable interest rate, fixed rate or even a split rate. Additionally, you’ll want to explore options such as lines of credit or interest-only loans. Our loan specialists will guide you through the decision-making process to help you align your borrowing with financial planning goals.

Refinance Loan

Refinance Loan

It’s not uncommon for people to outgrow the terms of their loans for one reason or another. Perhaps interest rates have dropped since the original purchase, or maybe you would like to use your equity to invest in another property. Refinancing can be a powerful tool for accessing more competitive loan rates or other features. Talk with one of our loan specialists to review your refinancing options.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

Paying off your debt just got simpler. Instead of dealing with multiple creditors with their associated fees, interest rates and payment plans, you may be able to “fold” many different debts into one consolidated loan. Advantages of this strategy include one lower overall interest rate, fewer organisations to deal with and a faster path to financial freedom.

Construction Loan

Construction Loan

Building the home of your dreams? Talk with one of our loan specialists about a construction loan for your project. With a construction loan, funds are dispersed in instalment periods, based on the different stages of construction. This specialised loan gives you the flexibility to build exactly what you want.


Meet the Home & Investments team

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Julie Azzi

Lending Specialist

Julie is committed to making sure each client receives a loan that matches their unique requirements and their long-term finance goals. Whether it be purchasing the perfect home or growing your business, lending can be powerful tool for growing wealth and working toward financial independence.

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