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There’s no one-size-fits-all guide for business owners and directors to follow, and that’s why expert advice is so valuable. The success of a business can often come down to a few game-changing moments: the acquisition of a new company or division; the addition of a new partner, or even having the right succession plan in place for when it’s time to leave.

Our Business Advisers are available to help you make strategic decisions whenever you come to a crossroads. They thrive on guiding businesses through financial, commercial and regulatory complexity, so when the game does change, it changes the way you want it too.

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Transaction Services - Sale and Acquisition

Buying and selling business assets requires thoughtful planning and can be harder than you anticipate. The potential pitfalls are significant, so professional advice can help position you for a more promising future. We assist with negotiations, transaction structuring, funding, taxation advisory, due diligence and more.

Business Succesion Planning

Business Succession Planning

No one works forever, but the exit of critical individuals doesn’t have to upset your organisation’s profitability and stability. We can guide you through potentially complex issues such as funding, shareholder and buy-sell agreements, organisation and structure, taxation and transaction planning and execution.


Business Valuation

Whether you’re buying, selling or looking for investors, business valuation is an important tool for every business owner who is concerned about value accretion over time. Valuations may also be required for special situations such as funding or transaction and tax-related issues. 

Commercial Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

Commercial Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

Instead of facing commercial negotiations and disputes on your own, employ the services of our experienced business advisers. We can guide you through difficult situations that may affect your financial world and even your future.

Due Dilligence

Due Diligence

Face large sales transactions and purchases confidently with the due diligence our advisers can perform on your behalf. With solid financial information at the ready, you can have increased assurance that everything you’ve been told does stack up, or you can avoid a large purchasing mistake altogether, thanks to accurate information.

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

The future is inherently uncertain, and this uncertainty extends to your business ventures, projects and investments.  A venture’s feasibility, risks and likely returns can precisely be evaluated by building a mathematical model that describes your set of circumstances. Reduce your risk with our financial modelling services.

Funding Optimisation and Structuring

Funding Optimisation and Structuring

Where will you source the funding for your upcoming, significant transaction? How should it be structured? Is your financing practical, and does it fit in with your tax plan? Our advisers examine your situation and guide you through the options.



Whether you’re approaching a voluntary liquidation for your company, a tidy-up of your corporate structure or preliminary guidance regarding your solvency and future options, our advisers are here to assist.

Management Buy Out

Management Buy Out

A management buyout can be challenging to navigate on your own. Between pricing, payment terms, funding packages, conflicts of interest and vendor negotiations, the details can be overwhelming. Let our Corporate Advisory team guide you throughout the journey.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

Your company’s intellectual property may be one of its largest assets, so take precautions to safeguard it. Our experts can help you to navigate the global maze of IP management and help you to avoid common IP pitfalls.


Meet the Corporate Advisory team

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Roy Ditmarsch

Managing Director

Our fearless leader - dedicated to delivering the way financial advisory services are delivered to private clients. Roy has been running Altus Financial since inception, which is about 28 years.

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Scott Young


Scott or Scotty as he is known by the Altus Team and many of his clients, brings years of experience as a Director of our Business Services Advisory Team. Scotty and his team are passionately dedicated to servicing privately owned clients and helping them run better businesses and in turn as owners, live better lives!

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Marc Walsh

Principal Client Adviser

Focusing on practical and commercial outcomes to help business owners build and protect their wealth. When working on solutions, Marc keeps an eye to the future growth and opportunities for businesses, particularly to facilitate international growth.

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Paul Conaghan


Paul is driven by providing practical business and taxation advice to SMEs. Paul is one of the Founders of Altus.

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Jeremy D'Cruz

Senior Client Adviser

Jeremy thrives on achieving the best results for his clients. Together with his team, he delivers a range of services so they can achieve their business and personal goals.

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