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We were first introduced by a mutual acquaintance and, after an initial discussion, it was suggested by yourselves that a good first trial engagement would be for Altus to assist us with the application of government grants for research development and export development. Marc Walsh, from your business, has and was been nothing but professional throughout the entire process. The net result for our business has been material, receiving several hundred-thousand dollars in benefits over the last three years.

In one of my catch-ups with Marc, we were discussing other services offered by Altus and he mentioned that aside from standard accounting services you also provided outsourced-CFO solutions. As a rapidly growing business without an internal CFO, this option seemed interesting to us, as it would act as a bridge between our existing state to a future-state whereby we would have an internal resource to execute our required financial management. You were always very clear that your role as an outsourced CFO wouldn’t be forever and that it was your objective to render yourselves redundant, which I have always respected. Many service providers do everything they can to ensure that their services will never be replaceable, where Altus did quite the opposite. As you know, by December 2018, we were ready for the transition from external to internal financial management and our relationship in this particular capacity concluded.

Throughout the grants and CFO process it became a natural extension that we would move all of our statutory accounting functions to Altus, which you will retain ongoing along with the grant work. During the time of our engagement, my company also went through an acquisition, for which Altus provided a significant amount of assistance during the due-diligence process. This was work that I would’ve never been able to complete without your services. In addition, you let us use your board room for an off-site management meeting and we camped in another of your meeting rooms for several days during the acquisition phase. These little things make a big difference and they did not go unnoticed.

From a personal perspective, both you and Bradley Cochrane became trusted advisors for me. Your counsel during some very trying times would always act as an anchor and ensure that my focus was being spent in the appropriate directions. Scott, you have a very effective and pragmatic approach to a range of business issues. Aside from being astute with financial matters, your commercial views around staff management, sales and budgeting and general business operations always made for sound and grounding discussions.

When I stop and reflect, even I shake my head to think that we went from zero to over thirty-million in revenue with no external funding in less-than five years. There are very few people who can appreciate and understand the stress that is involved with starting, building and sustaining a business that grew at the rate we grew, whilst at the same time going through an internal buy-out, an external acquisition and, just for fun, a lawsuit that carried on for 12-months. There were times during this period that I genuinely believe your advice and perspective was material in keeping the wheels on, despite how wobbly they occasionally got.

My genuine and sincere thanks go out to you, Bradley, Marc and the entire team at Altus who have always made us feel welcome and valued. I look forward to continuing our current business with you and, when the stars align again, future engagement, projects and endeavours.

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