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Good to Great: How to Scale With an Outsourced CFO

Small to medium-sized businesses reach a point in their growth where access to the skills and talents of an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is required.  The question they often have? Is there enough work to warrant a full-time CFO? The answer is yes.....

So you want to invest and start trading in the finance world, get yourself armed with the proper knowledge, and you can do just that––successfully. 

A plethora of current Australian money books are available at the ready to supplement your reading list and introduce you to the ins and outs of finance and all investment-related questions. 

Listed below, in no particular order, are 5 Australian money books that every investor should read. Why not get started? After all, they've already done the hard yards for you. 


Must Read #1: Noel Whittaker: Making Money Made Simple

As one of the world's leading authorities on personal finance, Noel Whittaker has established himself as an international bestselling author, finance and investment expert, radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker.

This must-read, Making Money Made Simple, set sales records across Australia and saw itself listed in The 100 Most Influential Books of the Twentieth Century. Having been in print since 1987 and updated twenty-three times, it remains current and on point, presenting the essentials of money, investment, borrowing and personal finance. 

Let it be this staple if you commit to placing any book on the bedside for this evening's nightly read. As the title promises, Making Money Made Simple offers readers everything they need to know in a straightforward, easy-to-follow format, allowing even the most lay person to heed this simple rule set.

Reading Noel's take on finance will give you not only an insight into a lifetime of financial security but will allow you to partake in his wisdom when:

  • looking to get out and stay out of debt
  • trying to negotiate to buy a house
  • considering strategies to invest in shares safely and easily
  • powering up your superannuation

And that's to name a few points of interest. To delve further into Whittaker's world of finance and investment, a copy of his most recent edition of Making Money Made Simple is available direct from his website. A recommended go-to for sure.


Must Read #2: Glen James: Sort Your Money Out

Regarded as the millennial money expert, Glen James is a former financial adviser and host of the My Millenial Money podcast

His passion for helping people achieve financial freedom is delivered in a light-hearted and fun manner while still managing to cover sensitive and vital topics engagingly.

His book cleverly examines the importance of being consumer debt free and how to get out of debt if you are in debt. It also looks at the smart way to invest in real estate and shares.

If you're keen to develop a money mindset and learn how to set up your finance from the ground up, then reading Glen James' Sort Your Money Out will get you there.

Head to his site, My Millenial Money, to 'solve your money problems (and get invested).'


Must Read #3: Scott Pape: Barefoot Investor

Labelled as a phenomenon, The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need by Scott Pape has become a household name. In fact, according to The Guardian, "roughly one in 20 households in Australia has a copy" of this worldwide best-seller.

He emphasises the old-fashion notion of not living beyond your means––keeping a manageable mortgage and saving when you can. The Barefoot Investor guides you through the process of creating a simple financial plan and, in support, includes real stories from everyday Aussies. It covers various topics, from saving for your first house deposit to planning for your retirement and everything in between.

One of the key premises within the book is that you do not have to compromise on living life. Pape doesn't ask you to live frugally as such but instead encourages readers to have saving and investing 'buckets' to help manage money, leaving you free to have your cake and eat it too.

The Barefoot Investor doesn't ask you to live frugally, instead encourages readers to have saving and investing 'buckets' to help manage money. It resonated with audiences because Pape doesn't compromise on fun. You can save for your house and still enjoy life. 

Get honest with your finances and invest in a copy of The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You'll Ever Need.


Must Read #4: Victoria Devine: She's on the Money

Victoria Devine is a multi-award-winning financial advisor who has wholly reconfigured the world of finance for Millenials. 

It's Saturday, and you fancy smashed avo on toast? Go ahead, order it. Why? Because you're going to account for it while keeping that future house deposit in your sight. The premise behind She's on the Money is that you can be financially independent without compromising on life's little pleasures - like brunch.

The book teaches readers how to secure independence and become educated with their money by guiding them on how to budget, build savings, start investing, and other tools.

With a background in behavioural psychology, the book demonstrates how you can come to understand and develop positive financial habits, values and confidence around money, leading to long-term financial success. The unique combination of financial planning and behavioural psychology sheds light on why people spend how they do and how they can curb their not-so-beneficial spending habits.

Full of real-world success stories, She's on the Money connects with audiences through community and empowerment. Establish goals, plan for your future and measure progress with a copy of She's on the Money by Victoria Devine.


Must Read #5: Lacey Filipich: Money School

Rounding out our list is Money School by Lacey Filipich, winner of the Money Awareness and Inclusion Award 2022. 

Money School shifts the paradigm of retiring early to becoming time-rich in the present. Author Lacey Filipich lost her sister in her early 20s. Her heart-wrenching takeaway was that time is what makes people rich, not money, resulting in the mantra––make work a choice. There is freedom in choice, and Filipich wants to give that freedom back. 

The ultimate goal behind her book is to find yourself in a position where you can still work but don't have the financial stresses that push you to work exhaustively until retirement. 

Pick up a copy of Money School by Lacey Filipich and take control of your finances and your time as well––read to build the life you want.


Power Up Your Knowledge

While the books mentioned above will provide you with a sound knowledge base, connecting with an experienced adviser at Altus will help you level up one step further. 

Start a conversation today and be on your way to feeling knowledgeable and empowered about your money and future investment.

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